How did you start out as an artist?

So I know that there are a lot of artists in the Episode Forum community and I thought it would be cool to know how you guys all started out! So tell me, what made you wanna do art? What did you first start to draw when you began your path as an artist digitally and or by hand? Do you only draw digitally or by hand? Both? Why or why not? Maybe show your first artwork if you still have it and your latest work now! Can be paper or digitally!!
If you do art both ways, which one do you think your better at? Which one do you like more? Why or why not??

My art Journey

For me how I started I was really young (about 7-8 I think) and I loved to watch the PowerPuff Girls! So I would always pause the Episode, get out a piece of paper and a pencil and I would draw a big sideways oval head and draw one of the Power Puff Girls, Blossom, Buttercup or Bubbles and I absolutely loved it and I kept doing it and making my own character myself too and I remember going to my aunt Stephanie’s and I asked to have stuff to draw and she gave it and I draw the powerpuff girls with reference and I was really happy and I gave it to my aunt and she said she loved it and said i should start drawing other things so I started to do that and make more OC powerpuff girls and then I got into tracing and I was really young and stupid and stuff and then i got out of it and started to watch YT tutorials 24/7 on how to draw and yeah then I just loved to draw!! And then after years of drawing on hand and stuff which I still do and love I joined the Episode Forums and just now this year I discovered that I could Episode edits!! I bought my own phone and a bought a stylus and I started to do digital art too!! And now I really love doing both! I’m way better on paper and I’m working on my art digitally too to get just as good as I am on paper!
The original PPG’s

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as a kid. that is how most people start.and then they just dont stop. i, unfortunately, stopped in my early teens because i was bullied. i stopped with a lot of stuff there made me happy because of that. i was moved to another school. actually another city. and as i got better i started to go back to what i liked including art. but it was a lot of years where i did not my skill is not the best

  1. I started it so I could be cool. :joy:
  2. I started out by hand when I was young but recently started digitally drawing and rest is history.
  3. I sketch fully by hand but draw most of my art digitally. I prefer sketching on paper since it’s easy and smooth. But phones a little more since it’s very cool and the features are more expansive.
  4. I’m better at digitally drawn things. It kinda just happens, just go with the flow and it will all come to you. I’m better at digital art, I honestly don’t know why though.
  5. Here is an art piece for my friend I completed last night.

Aww that’s so cool!!

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Thank you. :heart:

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Ahhh that sucks, sorry about you being bullied, but I’m sure you’re pretty good!!


Hey, would you mind adding @keiji, she is my friend and I’m sure she has a great story to tell. :upside_down_face:


I already tagged her

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Oops, my bad. :grimacing:

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There’s not really interesting story :upside_down_face: I always been creative since PACE (7-8yo) :sweat_smile: I used to not like drawing cause I wasn’t good and it was more scribbles and doodles. It wasn’t till October of this year since I tried digital art and I have my first OC entry but I won’t post since Idk who to give proper credit to, it was a LL Outline. What made me start drawing digital and learning episode style art were the artists here. I always wanted to be like them and I saw how good their art was and how ppl ask them for requests so I decided to download autobook sketchbook (Yee that was my first app for art and it’s amazing btw I just didn’t know how to use it properly till now!!) My art on paper consists more of animals to my science teacher lol :laughing: I get distracted quickly in history so I usually practice faces on my paper. Study Halls I bring my sketchbook and draw there. I always loved doing art! I remember getting those 64 count crayons packs. I prefer digital art better tbh because I can’t do much on paper than on digital.


So I’m a hand artist. It started out when I was five years old. I never went to any art classes outside of school. I always drawn just some doodling. When I got to the age of 7 I decided to change things up a bit. Make it look a bit realistic. But it is obviously not realistic at all. But I started getting better. When I was 11 I wanted to be more realistic. Still wasn’t realistic enough. But I searched up how to draw eyes. It became an addiction when it comes to drawing eyes lol. But when I was in seventh grade, I learned how to draw a realistic eye, but not perfect enough. And now I think I improved drawing that realistic eye.

Seventh Grade Drawing

Eighth Grade Drawing


Well I always loved drawing, since 1st grade I remember carrying a drawing notebook to school (for some reason in the first grade I liked drawing crossdressers :woman_shrugging:). Throughout primary school I drew comics! I guess I kept drawing and drawing as years progressed. Around 8th grade I started getting serious about it and that was when I created the early versions of the characters i use in my story now (fun fact)!

I dont draw digitally anymore though, my drawing tablet is down and I’m currently looking for a new one. Although hands are easier, digital art works better for episode covers and scenes so i guess I prefer digital


Hmm I remember when I was in Kindergarten and I used to draw a rainbow in a pink sky with nice clouds, when I did some of my friends would ask for one so I drew one for them and I guess in second grade I stopped doing it but I’m no artist at all tbh… but then around December in 2018 I started seeing many talented digital artists in instagram and I was like ooh I wanted to draw like them but I didn’t had a tablet so I tried traditional drawing and I looked up YouTube videos and stuff, it was hard to do astronomy in stuff so I was like ‘ I’m just gonna draw what I can’ then in Christmas I got an iPad which I love and now I’m saving for an Apple Pencil but yeah I decided that I wanted to do episode edits and when I do get an Apple Pencil then I’m gonna give digital art a try.
Here’s some stuff I drew back in December.:sneezing_face:

Oh my...

My brother said their face looks like mannequins… they kind of do…:sleepy:

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My art journey started when I was really young I started drawing because of a “traumatic experience” I guess you could call it that but anyway after that I loved drawing I’ve filled at least twelve notebooks with art tho I’ve never actually had any real sketch supplies :woman_shrugging:t4: I started off drawing eyes with tears then worked my way up to faces until finally I got to bodies :smile: I prefer digital art cause people where always stealing my notebooks and then tearing up all my artwork so on my phone no one knows my passcode so they can’t do that :upside_down_face::smile:
My first digital piece…

Compared to my newest piece…

:nauseated_face:( barf worthy)


Anyone wanna barf at my barf art with me?

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Why not :woman_shrugging:t4:

um?? that’s amazing


Ew no

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Tbh, my art journey is not very intresting! I sucked at drawing from the very beginning(Well, I see nothing has changed now XD :joy:) but, atleast now I am better!
When I was in 6/7 th grade am found out about Episode and started looking through the covers of some story, and I was like ‘WOAH, where de faq do these ppl get all these goodies’
Turns out there was a place called forums, which I accidentally clicked on, and that was the best accident like ever. After going on forums, I joined my very first outline contest, which was @BlueMoonWolf ‘s contest, anddd I was really proud of me self for coloring it in! I don’t have the art peice now lol.
Then, came a DM from my first ever friend in the forums @Epy.raven . It said something along the lines of- will u join my art grp! I was ecastic and accepted it! Over there, I thinkkkkk I made my first ever splash for @TriggerWarning ? (Don’t kill me, Idk XD :joy:)
After that, some stuff happened anddd I left the art grp, trying to be a lone wolf for a while. This was when I discovered RPs, and joined ‘The Auror High’ RP, which was created by, If I am not wrong @ChayChay & @epsd.ama
(Not related, but I fell in love with a purely fictional character named Scottie… Ugh. @lilysmith10)
Later, I got another DM, from one of the most talented human beings to like ever exist @Cassandra_Dean inviting me to @Episode.Savvies which I was frekin happy about?!
Over there, I made a few new friends, (one of which is my beautiful AMAZING ARSE TALENTED LIL BEAN POPO @puma)
I made my first pfp(in that grp) for the wonderful @Turtle_Cat .
Annnddddd, these bring me to my present! Every lesson I’ve learnt along the way, just made me improve and improve. Thankyou for listening to my ted talk everyone!


August 27, 2018

Something I made wayyy before I discovered forums, So maybe like in May, 2018?

First ever Splash! Maybe made in July 9, 2018 or something like that lol.

First artwork in @Episode.Savvies

KAM29229 MISSING KA19$929

My latest work, made for the amazing @Cassandra_Dean (art trade)

Obviously, I am no where near ‘perfect’, but, I can gladly say that I’ve made a lot of progress in these months. I have everyone I met along the way to thank for that. My haters, my friends I love all of ya guys!

@phlegmatic Tysm for creating this thread! It made me feel a lil nostalgic :sneezing_face::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: