How did your parents meet?

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My parents met on a dating website. Yes, I’m literally alive thanks to the internet.:joy: (some dating website that existed in the 90’s and does no longer exist)

Lmfao it’s a funny story for me.
So basically, my mum’s friend at the time had to write her CV last minute for some engineering thing and she didn’t know how to structure it and she was panicking all day lol. My dad was at this Cafe where there was free WiFi and it was strong (back in India, in my dad’s house the WiFi wasn’t good so to go on the internet he went to the cafe, there’s like computers that people can use in there) my dad was finishing off his engineering CV in there and then he left the place, but he accidentally left his CV page on and forgot to close it. After my dad left, my mother and her friend coincidentally came into the cafe and saw my dad’s CV left on the computer, and it was structured exactly how my mum’s friend wanted it to be. My mum’s friend copied it slightly lmao, but my mum said they should thank the person who left it on (aka my dad) on the Cv my dad’s name and address was on it, my dad’s house was close to the cafe so they went there. My mum and her friend asked my dad if they could copy the structure of the CV and he said yes, so they both thanked him. After that, my mum and my dad just kinda talked more and more and became friends lol

My mum and dad had an arranged marriage. They met at my mum’s house :couplekiss_man_woman:

Oh ha ha, that’s cool, mine met for the 1st time at a religious place :sweat: :heart:

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Wow. That’s Cool :sunglasses:

Not really :joy: :see_no_evil:

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No. It’s really cool. A relationship which starts from religious place is really amazing :smile:

Thank you for your kind words, but I don’t think it is, since everyone is considered family, starting a relationship in a religious place is a bad thing to do and it is bad luck (I think, can’t verify but I think) :sad_panda:

But technically, we’re all just one big family in this world…oops didn’t mean to make it sound awkward, sorry, nothing but peace and love :flushed:

But thank you again, that made me feel happy to hear, you’re amazing :heart:

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You are also amazing :ok_hand:

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My dad saw my mum at a disco and he walked up to her and they had the connection you know, but my mum said she didn’t want a relationship because she was too young (who knows what she was doing at a disco lol). About a year later they accidentally met again and they started dating :two_hearts:

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They met at a barbecue. I don’t know any other details beyond that.

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Read it backwards (4)

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I hate arranged marriage with all my heart :joy:

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No idea, but both of them have said that my birth is their biggest regret.

I’m sure they didn’t mean that, sometime parents stay horrible stuff when they’re upset or something :sweat_smile:

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Actually I was just kidding.

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My mom and dad had a typical romance story – met and fell in love when they were 16, ran away when they were 18, settled down till college was over till they were 22. It wasn’t until they were 35 when they decided to have my elder sister (their first child) and then four years later, they had me.

Both of them had dreams to fulfill that their families weren’t allowing them to. And, that was a major reason why they decided to run away. They still get angry or frustrated when I ask them about my grandparents :sweat_smile:

That’s my parents haha!
Their parents introduced my parents to each other and 2 years after, they finally fall in love, and now they had 4 kids (me the third child)

Sorry if my english is bad lmao