How did your parents meet?

Both of my parents’ dads are business associates and before you all jump into conclusions. Nope, they didn’t force my parents to get married. They met during a celebration party (about business) and ever since that day, my dad wouldn’t stop annoying my mom. He said it was love at first sight. -_- my mom has a boyfriend that time. Months later, they became close and my mom found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. So my dad was all like… “hell yeah, time to shine.” lmao. After my mom recovered from a heartbreak. Her and dad started dating and he got her pregnant with my brother. HAHAHA my mom was 18 and dad was 22 that time. :smiley: sounds like an episode story, eh? But no kidding. This is real haha

My parents talked on a dating website and met in Miles City (where my dad used to live). My mom would visit all the time. After college my dad moved to ND and they got married. 2 Years later I exist. Bam romance. Oh wait, there’s no romance, my bad :rofl:

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