How Diverse is Your Story Cast? Post here and help people find what they want!

Post pictures of the most important characters in your story so we can see how diverse your cast is :slight_smile: IF you need any help, we can help you and this is a great way to find stories with the diversity you’re looking for as readers! Please be nice if you’re reviewing someone else’s diversity! It’s about helping people know how they can improve, not trashing their current efforts!

I’ll start:

Starting from the top left and working from left to right:

  1. Beth: 17, gay, English, funny, sassy, fun. She’s one of the most important characters because she is one of the first friends Evanna, the Princess, finds when herself alone in the school. She’s also the person who is captured and sent to work to death… and Evanna is hell-bent on getting her back. She has a beautiful love story.

  2. Anabelle: Evanna’s older sister, bisexual, 21, mixed race and sassy. Super helpful and always there for her little sister. She also has her own story spin-off about her romance with Evanna’s teacher.

  3. Tara Mirai: British Japanese, straight, quite serious, passionate, caring. She, along with her twin sister Tracy, want to do all they can to help Evanna overthrow the government.

  4. Ilana: intelligent, British Ghanaian, pansexual, dedicated, loyal. She starts off as a “mean girl” when she finds out that Vince (her boyfriend) is taking more of an interest in the new girl, Evanna than her. However, she quickly realises Vince isn’t worth it and becomes a much better person for it. She has a great love story!

Line 2

  1. Penny: practical, loyal, honest, bisexual, Scottish and Irish roots. Penny is my fiery redhead who is going to get her own story about how her fire changes the heart of a not-so-great guy.

  2. Luke: straight, tall, dyslexic, flirty, funny, mixed race (his mother is half black and his father is Korean). He’s a big flirt who gets a great love story.

  3. Theo: tall, caring, gentle, kind, thoughtful, self-righteous, English. Don’t you just love his freckles? Theo is my ideal guy! He’d do anything for Evanna.

  4. Vince: straight, serious, broody, jaded, Italian. Vince is a lot of people’s favourite love interest out of him and Theo, so I won’t say too much.

Line 3

  1. Adam: South Indian, straight, caring, thoughtful, quiet. Adam has a great power that really helps him to understand where Evanna is coming from. He’s also Susannah’s love interest. I think their kids would look adorable! He loves her loads.

  2. Tracy Mirai: bisexual, Tara’s twin, British Japanese, intense, funny, girly. Tracy’s love interest is a guy called Hercules (no, that’s not his real name) who I will put at the bottom of this post because he didn’t fit into the cool collage I made. There are a few other characters I’d LOVE to add.

Line 4

  1. Susannah: bubbly, straight, honest, light-hearted, dedicated, open. Suzie is one of Evanna’s best friends. She’s British Spanish (like from Spain, not Latina) and her love interest is Adam. She’s really important to the story.

  2. Katherine: serious, dedicated, the heir to the throne, mostly straight (she had a bisexual “phase” at university, but she finds herself a lot more attracted to men these days, so refers to herself as straight), engaged. The sister who is on the fence over whether she should disobey the King to help her sister.

Lines 3/4

  1. The big picture here is Evanna. She’s the main character and like her sisters, her family is so mixed, it would be difficult to say what their ethnicity is. Both of their parents are mixed… and all of their grandparents are, too. She’s shy but would do anything for the people she cares about!

Honourable mentions


Tracy’s love interest. He’s mixed race and doesn’t really like to define himself in terms of any sexuality (probably sapiosexual would be your best bet with him. He loves Tracy for her intelligence… and doesn’t care about gender).


Jake is Evanna’s brother who gives up his right to the throne for love: he’s gay and their father is a homophobe. He’s a big part in the Anabelle spin-off.


Along with Penny, Zaynah is the co-founder of the rebel faction that tries to help free the Faeries, working with Evanna from within the Palace. Of course, she’s Muslim. She’s also a human rights activist and mixed Nigerian and Pakistani. I love her – she’s never afraid to say what’s on her mind, but also respectful to others. She manages to keep her faith through thick and thin which, as a Catholic, is something I admire in people.

What about you? I like stories that don’t just have the normal African American and Gay diversity, but also loads of other minority groups! I’d love for you to share your diverse casts!

If you’re wondering how you can create a diverse cast, too, check out my blog post!


I love your cast!! :heart_eyes:


Thank you! Have you written a story? :slight_smile:


I love them! They look amazing

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Updated– Here’s the cast for my story Maple Ridge:

Jacquees - Aboriginal Australian - Homosexual

The Main Character of the story and is dating Elijah.

Elijah - Jamaican - Homosexual

Jacquees’s boo :stuck_out_tongue:

"Delilah - Bantu + Black Irish - Heterosexual

She is Muslim and has feelings for her friend, Roy.

Roy - Angolan - Heterosexual

He is Muslim and has feelings for Delilah as well.

Hayden - Sudanese Australian - Asexual

Hella sarcastic and short.

Ibrahim - Black Libyan - Heterosexual

Is a practicing Muslim and is on a wheelchair.

Nakim - Haitain + South Indian - "None of ya business

A Sikh and tall af.

Yaro - Ethiopian Albino - Omnisexual

A music lover and plays the piano.

Kacy - Nigerian - Lesbian

Loves making/ filming videos and has Leucoderma.

Oana - Ghanaian Albino- Bisexual

Has a beautiful singing voice and wears a cast on her arm.

Zara - Aboriginal Australian - Heterosexual

Knows how to sew different types clothing and loves to go shopping.


People should definitely check this out if they’re looking for an almost all-black cast! Lots of African representation in particular.



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I have so many diverse characters…


Lemme see some :eyes:

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Just a quick reminder though that diversity does include white people if they’re not the majority! If you have all of your characters with the same ethnicity and sexuality, that’s not diversity regardless of the colour of the characters’ skin.

If you want to stick to a certain race (black, white or otherwise) and you want to make your story diverse, do what @EpisodeShadow did and make sure that they’re all from very different countries, not all from the same country and with the same culture.


Well, I did add two people with the same ethnicity but with they aren’t the majority so :sweat_smile:

It’s okay if they share ethnicities! I mean, I have loads of siblings in my cast :stuck_out_tongue:

The main reason I wrote that is I read a book (like physical xD) where all of the characters were straight, Christian African-Americans. While that’s really revolutionary and cool because it doesn’t happen often, a lot of people tried to call it “diverse”, when it’s not really! They’re all from the same place, with the same sexuality, religion and culture! I also see a lot of people who forget that there are lots of different types of white people, too! It is diversity to add a Slavic person in a story based in Australia, for example, because even someone from the Czech Republic or Poland would be in a minority if we’re not just looking at skin colour (which I hope we aren’t)


It’d be nice to see different types of white races at least. Like for example, German and Poland.


Like… Black Panther isn’t a diverse film if you’re looking at it on its own because they’re pretty much all from Wakanda. But, in the whole MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), it adds MASSIVE diversity.



From “Best Served Cold”:

Alyssa Lopez. Lesbian, Black (Honduran), and bold. She’s the love interest for Ravenna. She is also a track star in the making. She always stands up for what’s wrong, and is protective.

Haru. (It means “Day”.) Korean, and straight. The more relaxed, and quieter twin of the Kim sisters. She loves to write, and later becomes a famous novelist. She is one of Ravenna’s friends, during college.

Me! I’m Ghanaian, and Nigerian. I’m the author, so… Nothing much.

Antonin Gautier. Ravenna’s father, a black man from France. Kind, and caring, he comes back in episode 2, after returning from Canada, for 2 years.

Alessia Russo Gautier. She’s Italian, and does not care about Ravenna at all. She has a very fractured relationship with her after episode 1. Alessia tries to stop her from getting revenge, but Ravenna attacks her instead.

Jeremy Martinez. Ravenna’s ex boyfriend, who cheated on her with her best friend, Amber. He is Afro-Latino, and is a bit of a coward…

Bom! (It means “Spring”.) She is sweet, more expressive, happier, and fun to be around. Korean, and lesbian. She becomes a part of Ravenna’s business later in the story, as a model, though she thinks she’s ugly.

Ravenna Celine Gautier. She is the protagonist of the story, biracial, and bisexual. She has a noticeable Italian accent, and is caring. However, she changes, once she comes to a revelation in episode 2.


Definitely! Just like it would be in London, even my white characters are from different parts of the world. I haven’t really touched White Americans because I think they get enough exposure, but Suzie is Spanish Spanish, which isn’t really shown much because people lump Spanish people with South and Central Americans because of the shared language


You are right, it’s more pro-black than diverse for the setting. But yeah, in the MCU, it adds a lot of diversity


Nice, they look so cute :kissing_heart:

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Alessia, Jeremy, Antonin, Ravenna, me, Bom & Haru, and Alyssa.

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I’m guessing the first one is you :sweat_smile:

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