How Diverse is Your Story Cast? Post here and help people find what they want!

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You know what–That’s really how it be.


gasp twins! :heart_eyes:

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It’s quite a shame :cry: I know there is a big lack of diversity, but the authors are not the only ones to blame. I mean, when all the characters have to have the same slim bodytype, it doesn’t encourage anyone to think out of the box :roll_eyes:



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Thanks Sydney. I’m sorry I rose to it! I’ll post a cast in a little bit :grin:


No problem. :+1: We’re good. :wink:


I do agree with you. If there were more body sizes for characters, that would give authors a chance to create diverse characters that are different sizes. I do think body sizes play a part in diversity; I could be wrong, but that’s what I think.


I’m noticing that people have no idea what this thread and topic is really about… Just saying.


That’s what I think. It’s like everybody have to look perfect these days and live perfect lives, so we can show it on the social medias, so people can admire how perfect our life is!

But nobody lives perfect lives, at some point everybody struggles with something and when it seems like everybody else have lives in a fairy tale, it makes you feel worse.
I would love to have the opportunity to make some unperfect role models.


I’mma finally post the rest of my cast for the Adventurous entry since…ya know…life is quiet for a few hours ^^


^ Mallyn’s best friend <3

Mallyn, Beltri and Aerani have been #squadgoals (sorta) when they were kids ^^

Lieutenant Loha

^ Badass soldier chick ^^ <3 She’s in chapter 2, overseeing the new recruits’ training


^ Mallyn’s elder brother, the curator - “he keeps found stuff.”

Commander Shewy

^ She’s Tzeva’s commander

Commander Ieliso

^ He is Lorean’s commander - the commander in Mallyn’s colony

General Guardian Rixo

^ The second man in charge in the corps, and he’s a guardian, hence his title

The corps is filled with soldiers that make up the defensive parts of the military. Guardian is just one of the roles. Lorean is also a guardian. The other roles would be infantry and police <3

General Vanguard Micor

^ The second man in charge in the vanguard - vanguard is the offensive side in the colony’s army consisting of scouts, knights, and cavalry

Micor specifically trained to be cavalry, though he isn’t “General Cavalry Micor” because he didn’t complete that training only, similar to how Lorean didn’t only do Guardian training

And yeah…that’s about it :thinking: I think


awesome cast!

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I’m in one of those miraculous places where I’m actually INSPIRED to write a new story. I don’t know how long it’ll last, but, I really hope it does. These are some of the characters from the story! Appearances are probably subject to some small changes but will likely stay the same.

The story will be about a trio of siblings (Basil, Chloe, and Sriha), and Basil’s boyfriend, going on a road trip to a beach town for the summer before they go to college. Along the way they get lost, and their car breaks down in a rather idyllic, but, strange town…

The three siblings are all adopted and unrelated, which is why they’re different races.

Sriha, the MC

The oldest (though they’re all technically born within a year of each other) of the trio, pretty much the mom friend. She’s Indian.


The second youngest, what you might call ‘rebellious,’ but she’s really not. She enjoys partying and the like, but she actually respects her parents and isn’t all that edgy. She’s mixed race, black (edit: Hatian) and Japanese.


The youngest of the three, and a bit distant from his sisters (who consider themselves very close), due to being adopted into the family at an older age, and them already having an established bond. He’s not too socially adept all around, but he really comes out when around his boyfriend, Jonesy. He’s Greek/Scandinavian and trans.

Brendon, the potential love interest(?)

As of now there isn’t much about him, and there might be an alternate female version, but this is who I have right now. Brendon is one of the residents of the ‘strange’ town, a kind of socially awkward would-prefer-not-to-interact-with-humans guy. A bit like Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. He’s Filipino.


Don’t feel like screenshotting LOL
Ezra- Korean , popular, a little self-obsessed and makes some bad decisons but is fiercely loyal to his friends. Parents are divorced. Lives with single mother.
Calliope: Cuban/African American- biracial, bisexual, book smart but gullible, jock-ish.
Avery- White, straight, smart, has a poor relationship with her parents and sister, does some shady sh*t. She battles addiction brought on by a need to be the best at everything.
Elliot: Irish-American, artsy, witty, loves his family and friends and tries like hell to hold everyone together.
And without giving anything away : Lilith: character with fluid traits and sexuality, parents are too busy with their own lives and problems to pay much attention, she’s the leader of the group of friends and is, in honesty, not a great friend but the others each see redeeming qualities that make the friendship worth it.


you could’ve just said asian. what is her other ethnicity


Eh, that’s true. But, she’s Haitian.

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cool. i say that because a lot of people say this “black and ethnicity” and it kinda irks me


Oh, no worries, I understand! I meant it more of as her racial background, as she and her siblings would all be ethnically American as of now.