How Diverse is Your Story Cast? Post here and help people find what they want!


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I really want to read your story now. :smiley:


No problem! @TheSunflowerQueen I do too!!

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It’s gonna be called “Surviving High School” :slight_smile:


What’s your story called?

Wow! It looks like you spent a long time on that.




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omg TOM HOLLAND love him sorry had to comment that lol !

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My story is about mental health and well honestly a little bit of everything. I have finished writing a scene where I talk about police brutality and I want to now talk about rape in India. I need characters and outfit ideas for woman in India! I am a big over thinker and I feel like I am not either customizing them appropriately and I feel like I am offending someone.

This might be helpful. Below are some examples and critques from other members on the forum on both characters and outfits.



My advice would be to do some research, and hopefully find someone who can help you.

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Thank you so much ! :blush:

No problem. It’s not much, but it’s the first couple of things I could find. Hopefully it’s of some use. If not, I’d recommend creating your own thread, so that more people will hopefully see it and someone will be able to help.

MEGA DIVERSITY BUMP :fist:t2::fist:t3::fist:t4::fist:t5::fist:t6:

I’d really want to see more diverse story casts from Episode authors. Feel free to share your casts here :grin:


Cute characters!! I like them :))

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I like this thread a lot so here are most of the characters in my story “fly on the wall” ((as seen so far ;-))


Grace Finch- British & Moroccan ((but has full CC in the story))

Dominic King- Welsh and Romanian ((Love Interest & has full cc))

Ellie Kang- Korean

Giovanni Moretti- Very italian lmaO

Jackson Jones- African-American

Aliyah Freeman- African American and German

Maddie Elderwood- British and Argentinian

Zoe Osei- Ghanaian

Saoirse O’neil- Irish

Shelby Cruz- Filipino and French


So, I decided to stop being lazy and show off the Main characters in my story coming in 20XX

Andromeda Anderson

The MC, Bisexual, She/Her pronouns, Half Cuban Half Dutch

Ackerleigh "Ace" Seaburg

One of the three LI, Demisexual, He/Him pronouns, Half Irish Half Scottish

Huntington "Hunter" Popoola-Chekov

One of the three LI, Pansexual, He/Him pronouns, Half Anglo-Saxon Half Spanish

Willamina "Willow" Seaburg

One of the three LI, Bisexual, She/Her pronouns, Albino, Half South Africain, Half Swahili

Roxanna "Roxy" Anderson

Lilith’s Girlfriend, Lesbian, She/Her pronouns, Haitian-Jamaican

Lilliana "Lilith" Popoola-Chekov

Roxy’s Girlfriend, Lesbian, They/Their pronouns, Non-Binary, Chineses


Cute characters!

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My MC- Valeria, her bff Lea and Noah.