How Do A Write A Story About A Girl Who Falls In Love With Her Best Friend Part 2

How do I continue this?

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How did part 1 end? (I for one fell in love with my best friend and then he did as well but we ruined it so I know how hard it is to fall for your bestie lol)

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Well, I’m at this:

The next day she comes in late and finds the only spare seat is next to Brandon. They start talking a bit more and actually Brandon offers perhaps they could have lunch. Brandon gradually opens up more and more. An explanation of why he is such a loner can be given too. Maybe he lost somebody (close friend passed away for instance). He used to be a lot more social, best setting for this to be told about is on a beach under the moonlight during a friend date.

How would I write it and what should happen after?

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@jasminesofia4 Any suggestions?

It’s the MC a male or female?


Maybe about her past?