How do authors immediately have another characters facial expression in the end of an animation.?

So I’ve read other stories and i realized that when authors use the animation “Flirt_fingersnap”
or “hush” its already in the end of it and i was wondering how to do that…


HOW TO: Get The End of An Animation


Am kinda surprise too when. I saw that & have been trying to work it out


How about link up for your stories

What do you mean?

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I thought u are an author too

I am , i just don’t understand your question

What are the stories u have once written

“Love Crisis” By Alissa

I’m currently revising my first story at the moment. Although if you follow me on instagram @episode.theuntoldsecrets. I post most of my updates there

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Wow its gonna b a fun​:wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:

Welcome to the forums!!

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Thanks @phlegmatic

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