How do authors maintain a low/relevant story rank?

I’m curious about this. There are stories that I consistently see on the top genre and community shelves, and I’m just wondering… how do they stay there? Completed stories and new stories especially.

I’m a tiny author (released part one of my first story last week and it currently has only 100 reads, so maybe not the best example) but when I released 2 new episodes my reads shot up by about 400% that day and I ended up being featured on both the top genre and community shelves. Now that they’ve been out for a few days, my reads have gone back to a slow increase and my rank has gone up significantly. Like top 100 to 3000+ for genre ranking.

Just wondering if anyone has experience with this or any insight they can share!

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Much of it is luck of a draw. The key to staying on the ranks is frequent updates, at least that’s what I’ve heard. For completed stories, there really isn’t a method at that point, it all depends on whether or not you can keep interest in it. Writing sequels for example would likely keep a completed story on the ranks if the sequel is getting a lot of attention, as people would want to read the first story before the sequel. That’s my two cents. But I don’t really have any experience with it. Only experience I can base this off of is observations over the past 5 years.

But I will say this. Try not to worry about the ranks because they’re not everything. But if you’re trying to get your story out there, frequent updates should help boost it, whether it remains on the ranks or not. Another thing is publishing more than 1 chapter at a time. Readers love double updates. Another thing you might want to try is writing many chapters off the bat and updating them in batches every week as you work on the newer chapters. I don’t do any of these simply because my brain refuses to cooperate with me lol, but these methods have worked for many.

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Based on my own experience, I would say that it depends on both the number of reads your story gets and the number of gems readers spend in your story (if you have the option.)
For example, My story’s rank is usually 35-40. I don’t have any gem options in my story but whenever I release a chapter with EA, my rank goes up to like 13-16, because of the number of gems the readers spend + all the new reads. Hope this helps :blush:

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