How do big authors give credit?

Am I the only one curious how big authors give credit? I mean, I never see them giving credit at the end of their chapter and there is nothing to see on their Instagram. It’s kinda the same topic as why big authors are not really on the forums. Am I the only one curious about this?


I’ve seen big authors give credits as a narrator bubble at the end of the chapter or on a rederMessage at the begging :raised_hands::heart::heart:
They are on the forums, they just aren’t very interactive I guess, I don’t imagine them having a doubt and asking in the forums tbh :joy::heart:

Yeah but, for example, I’ve never seen Heli or Bronte give any credit??:thinking:

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Or they make every bg themselfs💀

Oh, I don’t know those :grimacing:
Ive seen Alusza, Anyanka,, J.miley…


Ohh okay then it will stay a mystery how some authors do it💀


All authors don’t use backgrounds and overlays by other creators. Some of them make or source it themselves from commercial free sites. You don’t need to credit if you made it yourself lol.

As for art for covers and stuff, that depends on the rules of the artist. If it’s paid art then the artist may not be bothered to need credit. Some artists are not familiar with Episode so they probably don’t want credit in the chapters :woman_shrugging:t2:


I was just thinking this today actually!
I’ve always wanted to know, especially since many of the backgrounds used are amazing

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I haven’t read anything by the two authors you’ve mentioned, but I feel like most of the stories I’ve read by “big” authors have credits at the end?
Like @poojal mentioned, they could be using commercial free sites.

Of course, there’s always a chance that they just didn’t credit when they should have :smirk:


Imagine wasting money just so someone else doesn’t get some credit :skull:

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I think it will stay a mystery HDJDJ

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I wouldn’t say that paid covers are a waste of money. Popular authors are on the payments and can afford to commission covers. The art covers actually help them get more reads and in turn more money lol

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I wasn’t talking about covers I was talking about backgrounds :grin:

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It’s the same with backgrounds. The money is not a waste if you’re earning it back (and more) with reads :woman_shrugging:t2:

Either way what’s the point :woman_shrugging:t2:

You’re saying its a waste and it’s not a waste lol

Which rules are you talking about? All backgrounds creators have different rules.

Like some have a requirement to follow on Instagram. I don’t have such a rule for my drive.

Its just my opinion it really isn’t anything :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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Heli does not have something on her story nor story. I saw some other authors too but I think you’re right: there are still a lot who do it in their story