How Do Faceclaims Work?

hey guys…this is my first time signing up for a rp game and im really excited, but i’ve gotten to the faceclaims part of the sign up sheet and i have no idea what it means…i looked at the faceclaims slide, but you can’t edit it or whatever…do you just describe your character in the sign up sheet or do you pick a character from the faceclaims slideshow and put their name in that section if the sign up sheet? Please HELP!!!


I’m pretty sure you choose a picture of a celebrity or a model who you want your RPG character to look like

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ok…how do i get it to the sign up sheet? Do i just copy and paste?

or do i just write their name?

If they say to add a file, you just add a picture, otherwise type in the name of the model or star

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I think so. It usually depends, but I’m pretty sure either works.

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ok thanks!

lol im so dumb thank you

thank you!!

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