How do get the rain affect with my own background?

I uploaded a shower as my background in my script, and I want my MC to go in the shower which I did, But anytime I try to add ‘‘water’’ (rain effect) I get a error.

What do I do? Are you able to put background affects with your own background?

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You need to do your background and do with:

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Okay, Thank you. But I copied any pasted that with my own background. I still got a error.
Instead of my background being EXT.
I put INT. (Hope that does not make a difference)

But I still get a warning each time.

Has your background been approved? That could be the reason why you’re getting an error message

Yes, My background has been approved, I also reloaded everything in my Art Category and my script.

try it like

What part would you like me to copy?

Where I have my background at, try replacing it with yours

Bad luck. I still got a error message.

Can you post a picture of your script so I can see where I can help out better

Yes, One second please.

That looks right to me, maybe you called your background something else?

Can you change your name? Or would have to upload another/same background?

Try to upload it from the tabs where you write, like click on backgrounds and then click on backgrounds you uploaded to your account and see if that works

Yeah Bad Luck, It’s still an error message.

Huh that’s weird :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. It shouldn’t have an error if it’s correct

I know right… I tried to reload everything and it’s still an error message.

Well idk then sorry :slightly_frowning_face: Hope you get help to figure it out soon

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Thank you so much, And thank you for your help!

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