How do I add an overlay in the middle of a scene?

Hi, I am writing a new story and I want to know how to add a overlay in the middle of the scene.
I want a zoom on the overlay also, if anyone can help , please reply.

Thank You all !!! :smile:

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Hope it helps. :blush:

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I tried couldn’t quite understand and my overlay helper was kinda behaving simple.

I watched a vid on youtube though, but thanks for your help.

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This is how you would add an overlay in the middle of a scene : )

Also read this this:

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An example:

Let’s say you want to insert the overlay CAMP FIRE in the middle of your script on the background EXT. CAMPING - DAY

So, in your script you write:


Then you move the overlay around and find the perfect position that you want to place it at.

Let’s say you found the perfect position and when you looked on the side, in your overlay helper it said:
@overlay CAMP FIRE shifts to -22 25
@overlay CAMP FIRE scales to 1.000 1.000

Here’s how you’d put it in your script:

@overlay CAMP FIRE create
@overlay CAMP FIRE shifts to -22 25 in zone 1 in 0
@overlay CAMP FIRE scales to 1.000 1.000 in 0
@overlay CAMP FIRE opacity 1 in 0

Do you see where I placed the numbers?
Also in 0 just means the number of seconds, it doesn’t have to be 0, it can be 5, 6, 7, and etc.
And the overlay doesn’t have to be in zone 1, it can be in zone 2, in zone 3, etc.

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Also, this is how opacity works:

So, @overlay CAMP FIRE opacity 1 in 0 means the overlay is very visible and you can see it all. If you change it to @overlay CAMP FIRE opacity 0 in 0, it means the overlay is completely invisible. And @overlay CAMP FIRE opacity 0.5 in 0 means that the overlay is see through.

P.S I already mentioned this but in 0 means the number of seconds=it can be any number of seconds (1, 2, 3, and so forth)

Thank You , I finally got it right.

I’ll credit you in my story.

No problem :smile:

And no need for credit, I just love helping ^^

Have a lovely day! :heart:

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