How do i add choice

I have an quescion and that is
I am an begginer and i know how to add Customization template but i want to put this
“I like this style”
"No i try again "
?? And also i need to let choice them clothes like exemple red dress "yes " “no” when i add it is not turn me back like do you want this and i say no then to choice again in general i dont know to add choice help

What style is your story? I’m glad to help :slight_smile:

INK and thank you for your kindness maybe i was not make myself clear good i was add at 1 episode customization and i have to add choice like " do you like blue eyes yes or no and at a clothes the same in general choice is my last problem who i have to resolv :slight_smile:

I have one template for a dressing game:


#You can change the background above to any background you like!

@cut to zone 2

@CHARACTER1 stands screen center AND CHARACTER1 faces right

@CHARACTER1 starts idle_happy

@pause for 3

label dressing_game

(What should I wear today?)

“Outfit 1”{

@CHARACTER1 walks to upscreen left in zone 3

@CHARACTER1 changes into MC_outfit1

#Change the word MC_outfit1 to whatever your first outfit’s filename is - e.g. RACHEL_smart_casual

“Outfit 2”{

@CHARACTER1 walks to upscreen left in zone 3

@CHARACTER1 changes into MC_outfit2

#Change the word MC_outfit2 to whatever your second outfit’s filename is - e.g. RACHEL_winter_clothes

“Outfit 3”{

@CHARACTER1 walks to upscreen left in zone 3

@CHARACTER1 changes into MC_outfit3

#Change the word MC_outfit3 to whatever your third outfit’s filename is - e.g. RACHEL_workout_gear


@CHARACTER1 walks to screen center in zone 2

@pause for a beat

    CHARACTER1 (think)
(Shall I wear this or try something else?)

“Wear this outfit.”{

    CHARACTER1 (head_bob)
(This is perfect!)

“Try something else.”{

goto dressing_game


@CHARACTER1 exits left

Just make sure to put your character’s name, and you can change the background :slight_smile:
Do you need a template for the reader to customize their own character?


Yes please and can i please screenshot this ?? And thank you for giving your time for helping him i love this comunity forum so many kind people :slight_smile:

Of course!
Here’s a link to a character customization forum from it’s original creator:

Have fun writing! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can also go to:

For other script templates :wink:

Thank you so much

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Yes of course but i am an begginer stil no one was write my story like i was start 2 weeks ago and i dont know so many…

Ok then i am down we can help each other :slight_smile:

omg thank you is work perfectly thank you soooo much i am so happy im crying

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the only think i was not find is template with customization is only for limelight what can i do?

You can look for the templates here on the forums :slightly_smiling_face:

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