How do i add multiple overlays in a scene?

So im still new at coding episode stories but i just have one
little tiny problem. I cant seem too add two overlays at once
or even move them, i use the @overlay OVERLAYNAME create
command but it just does not work for me so i usually delete it and
then i don’t worry about adding the extra overlay and just continue

Then i have trouble making overlays move to the space
I want it too move too, if someone could please explain to
me how to move overlays and how to place multiple overlays
in a scene i would be so grateful, i read all these forums and they
never seem to work and its pobably my coding and not understanding
well enough.



You could-
Add with before every overlay name
create multiple overlays with separate code for each one


Hey when I need to add many Overlay this is what I do!!



oh my god is it really that easy :laughing:
It worked for me thank you so much!

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No problem :relaxed:

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hey! so i’ve been trying to add an overlay and it’s literally not appearing at all.
my script:
@overlay BLOOD PUDDLE create
@overlay BLOOD PUDDLE shifts to 140 240
@overlay BLOOS PUDDLE scales to 0.7 0.7

and it doesn’t even appear in the first place

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You need to add the opacity to make it visible. Also make sure you’re in the correct zone. You can add it with background name (no opacity needed) or use create command with opacity. Make sure to add “in 0” so it appears right away. Also make sure the overlay name is spelled right.

Guide on overlays:

Also when placing overlays and characters into a scene, use layers: HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers


&overlay BLOOD PUDDLE create
&overlay BLOOD PUDDLE shifts to 140 240 in zone 1 in 0
&overlay BLOOD PUDDLE scales to 0.7 0.7 in zone 1 in 0
&overlay BLOOD PUDDLE to layer 1
&overlay BLOOD PUDDLE opacity 1 in 0


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