How do I add people to this back ground


I need help placing character in were the judge sits and the jury sits how would I do this and what command would I have to insert? How would I figure out how to do it when I come across other backgrounds? Please help me I’m so confused?

Overlays I think

I don’t know how to deal with overlays this is my first story.

Well overlays are important for any good story so learning how to use them is something you need to learn.

Basics -

How to add an overlay to the start of a scene?


How to add it in to the middle of a scene?

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1

How to move and scale an overlay?

moving and scaling an overlay is like spot directing a character.

Once you have the code copy it into your script

It can look like this -

or like this

Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 20.17.09

if you need help with overlays I would recommend watching Episode Notes or Joseph Evans videos

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you first need the overlays - as it seems episode doesnt have this one so you need someone to make them for you (cut them out from the picture)

than you have to upload them to your writers portal

And here you have everything about overlays and how to code them:


here I quickly did the overlay

you will also need to set the overlays and the characters to layers

Hey I can help just pm me

That courtroom wide shot comes with built in overlays for the judge’s seat in zone 1 and the bench in zone 3. The only overlay you would need for more people is the jury box.

The only way you can figure it out is trial and error with the previewer. Just spawn in as many characters as you can and push their layers back and forth until they appear behind the overlays, then scale them down until it looks realistic and add the snippets to your code.

Its possible to set layers even to the inbuild overlays so no need for trial and error in this. :smiley:

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