How do I allow the reader to choose which character they would like to play?

So there are four characters in my story and I would like the reader to be able to decide which one they would like to pick to play as.

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Well, I think you would have to code all you story for every character. I mean, if you have (let’s say, 3 characters) you would have to code your first episode for your fisrt character (just like any other story) and then do the same thing for the other two, and keep doing that for the rest of episodes you wanna have.
It sounds complicated but you can just copy and paste the coding of your first character and just change the name of the labels (if you have) and adapt it to the other characters. And always inlcude the coding that allows to “remind” a choice, so your reader doesn’t have to choose the same character every chapter.

I believe that’s the only way to do it, I don’t know if there’s a shortcut or an easir way

Hope I helped

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That sounds hard lol :joy:
But thank you anyways!

It depends though. If the reader is just “choosing an avatar” You could just make a label and a branch where they choose the specific character and use the “if” label when coding the story and then copy and paste the same scene four times with each character. If each character has a different story line though then you have to do the first one.

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ok thanks! :heart:

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