How do I animate bullets and blood coming out of someone? {INK}

I think this would give the readers a better experience but idk how to do it… I also kinda need the overlays too… ***Send help 4 a shister!

Have you checked if Episode allows that type of content first? :frowning:

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watch out. @Epiiuser_Queen


If stories contain objectionable or offensive content, we may not be able to feature or promote them. We are on the lookout for stories that are appropriate for readers ages 13 or older.

Objectionable content may include, among other things, content that:

  • promotes or depicts excessive violence or assault, including but not limited to sexual assault, murder, and torture against humans or animals;
  • any hate speech or content that promotes hatred or discrimination against individuals or groups, on the basis of race, ethnic or national origin, religion, marital status, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation;
  • promotes suicide, self-harm, abuse, or bullying;
  • promotes excessive alcohol, tobacco or drug usage;
  • promotes gambling, betting or casinos;
  • portrays adult themes, including pornographic content, nudity, or prostitution; slanders or libels a person or third party;
  • excessive use of profanity or sexually explicit phrases;
  • advertises for outside products or services, including but not limited to website links, reviews, and promotional language;
  • excessive promotion of the use of firearms, explosives, and ammunition; and excessive promotion of a political agenda.
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well I saw other pages about it but I didn’t save them so idk where dey r

ok then uhm… close the topic plz?

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: