How do I apply the "fade' overlay without it looking blurry

Im making an overlay at 0.5 opacity to make a character transparent, but I can’t seem to position it so the background doesn’t look blurry, how do I fix this?


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bump! hope that you find ur answer!!

here is the position rn:

@overlay 4723358450843648_EXT. WEDDING CEREMONY - SUNSET - OVERLAY shifts to -63 -34 in zone 1
@overlay 4723358450843648_EXT. WEDDING CEREMONY - SUNSET - OVERLAY scales to 2.098 2.098
@overlay 4723358450843648_EXT. WEDDING CEREMONY - SUNSET - OVERLAY moves to layer 5

the best is to have the overlay the same size as the background than it will fit 100% without need for shift and scale.

yours is smaller so there is no other way than manually try to fit it which is in this case really hard so I would sugest to create the overlay new with proper size.

how do I make it less than 1 MB?

None of these sites compress it less than 1MB


I tried, but it didn’t go less than 1MB

You could also just have two of the same overlays on top of each other, and the transparent character in the middle, and just use some random background.

try to use it one more time with the reducet image - I tried just to see and it worked after I used the tinipngy 2x times.

here it is in size that should be accepted - I just hope the forum will not resize it…

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