How do I become a member?


Hi :wave:. How do you become a member for trust level on this site? I’ve had a mobile episode account for years, but I just became a writer, and It says that my trust level is a basic user.

What are the different trust levels?

You have to be on episode formus for 8 monts or more


Okay thankyou!


I think 2 monts


Cause I a member and I have been here since april


Or you need to have a certain amount of posts and likes to become a member.


Where do you see the trust level?


press expand


And you are a member


Where is expand and really?


yeah I just checked


What does it even do?


It see everything about you


The expand is under your profile


The trust member level basically tells people if they should or shouldn’t trust you, based on how new you are to the forums.


Yeah, I found it. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


What do you mean by trust?


By looking at there stuff you will know wheteir to trust them


I still don’t understand why do they need to trust us, it’s a forum.


Probably to see whether they should trust your opinion, or when it comes to error help, whether they know what they’re talking about.