How do I block someone?


There’s someone who’s been bugging me over personal things that aren’t related to episode, they’ve been following me around and I don’t want to drag the mods into this and sic a ban on her or whatever, but I do just want to block this guy so I can get back to enjoying the forums. Is there a block button anywhere or anything like that?


From just clicking around and seeing if there were any other posts or FAQs, there does not appear to be a way to block someone here on the Forums. You may need to just privately message Jeremy or Ryan if asking the other person nicely to “leave you alone” doesn’t work.


Yeah, there’s no way to block or flag another account. I suggest you flag their messages to you and like PG said, inform Jeremy and Ryan. You might not want to get them banned, but if they’re are bothering you on purpose then they should have consequences.


@RudeInception @Purple_Ghost thanks for the replies, I’ll keep them in mind.


@RudeInception @purple_ghost @lizard

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Oh great, thanks!


Yeah i contacted a mod and they told me I just have to mute them I want to block them so they so I don’t see anything they write