How do i blur the background by coding


I wanna know how to add blurry effect on the background BY CODING ;)) I really need to know asap


I think you have to upload a blur background :thinking:not sure


Yes, you have to already have a blurry background, but if you want it to become blurry, you have to have two backgrounds. 1 blurry and 1 non blurry. The blurry one has to be an overlay. So it’s like:
NO BLURRY - DAY with Blurry
&and then set the transparency to 0 THEN have it slowly appear in so it makes it seem like the background is becoming blurry


Exactly what they said. You need a regular background then another that is blurred. If you want, I can make you the blurred background


I’m not sure what you meant by making blurry one as an overlay ?


You have to upload a custom overlay, which would be the background you want blurred.


I’m a bit block headed :sweat_smile: I don’t know what you meant


Go to the art catalog, then click overlays, then go to the drop down bar on the left side, and select “Uploaded to YOUR Account”. There, you can select an image to upload as a custom overlay that you can use in your story.