How do I branch character customization options neatly, regardless of what the reader picks?

I want to have it so I don’t have to make a whole bunch of scattered, messy labels with the same long scrips in them all, just because someone either chooses to customize all characters given the option to, during the story, or chooses to customize a few but may leave one character the same and not the other(s). This was easier for me with one story only because I ask at the beginning if they wanted to customize all the characters that could be customized. But now that I’ll be asking this at different parts of the story (when these characters are introduced) it’s kind of hard to figure out how to go about it.

I’m not getting the jist of your question but you can’t avoid the labels for customisation. If you give the reader the option to customise then unfortunately, you will need that long piece of script.
I guess you could ask them if they WANT to customise but regardless, it will be in your script. If you want to hide all the coding in your script just put #{ at the beginning and #} at the end. You’ll then be able to open and close that part of the coding. But most templates already come with that.
Not sure if I answered your question but hope it somewhat makes sense

I mean I know I’m going to have to use labels and have long scripts regardless, I guess I’m just trying to figure out an easier way of doing this than I planned, which was to make a story label for someone customizing the first character then one for if they chose not to, then another for if they chose to customize the second character and another for if they don’t and it continues. But I wondered if it would be easier to just do most of the customizing of characters in a choice than labels, or is it the only option? I didn’t know if someone had a better way of doing this. And that does make sense, thank you for the info on hiding them.

You could just use choices. But the reader won’t be able to change anything once they have picked. So you have different story lines if they choose to customise the characters? For that you would need to use labels if it’s completely different.

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