How do I can make a choice without a dialog imidiatly

I wanted to ask how to do a choice if I maybe have :
choice “Beach wave” {

@CHARACTER is primp_brush_hair
@pause for 2

When I do this they say its not right cause there has to be a dialoge after a choice but in this situation I dont want any dialog
Is there any way how I could write it or do I have to make a dialog?
Thank you in advance

That doesn’t sound right. I know you’re supposed to have dialogue before a choice, is that what you mean? I have many scenes where I don’t have dialogue after a choice.

If it’s indeed before a choice, you can put a narrator box to avoid the error. For example:

 Let's pick your hairstyle.

The coding for choices requires a line of dialogue or narration before the word choice, but if you don’t want the reader to see a dialogue bubble / narrator box for whatever reason, you can make the preceding speechubble invisible, like this…

@speechbubble is 0 0 to 0%
“Option 1”{


}“Option 2”{



…but make sure to add @speechbubble reset before the next line of dialogue / narration.

okay, thats for your help

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Thanks a lot

You’re welcome.

@Gimere can you confirm if this worked please? Thanks!

When I did it it worked

Whoops! Looks like I tagged the wrong person. Thanks! Happy to hear it and closing topic :smiley:

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