How do I change a characters eye color?

I have a make character in my story who has stoic almond eyes, and I want his eye color to be aburn but they don’t have that option in that eye color

@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into eyecolorname


I meant to say MALE, I’m typing on my phone.

Thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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No problem. Happy to help! :wink:

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how do you change a girls eye color

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@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into (color)

Ex: @MARIA changes eyesColor into blue

I am trying to change it to red but it say there is no such thing.
How do I change them into red eyes

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What style r u writing in?

Lime light

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That’s weird… Can I see the error?

Just in case you aren’t already doing so… the first letter of the color name needs to be capitalized. So if you want your limelight character’s eyes to change into red, the code should look like this:

@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into Red


wow stupid mistake thanks @EpisodeGirl and @Dara.Amarie for helping


Hello last question, how do you change lips color?

@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Color


Just to cover it all:

changing mouth shape:

@CHARACTER changes mouth into mouth shape

changing mouth color:

@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into mouth color

changing hairstyle:

@CHARACTER changes hair into hair style

changing hair color:

@CHARACTER changes hairColor into hair color

changing skin tone:

@CHARACTER changes bodyColor into skin color

changing body shape (there used to be one like that, it does no longer exist but who knows if they will add something like that in the future, so):

@CHARACTER changes body into body shape

Just to be clear this :arrow_up: doesn’t do anything right now, you will have no use in it, but there used to be the male athletic body shape so that was how you would change it but Episode removed it so it doesn’t exist anymore.

changing eyes shape:

@CHARACTER changes eyes into eyes shape

changing eyes color:

@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into eyes color

changing eyebrows shape:

@CHARACTER changes eyebrows into eyebrows shape

changing eyebrows color (only in LL):

@CHARACTER changes eyebrowsColor into eyebrows color

changing face shape:

@CHARACTER changes face into face shape

changing nose shape:

@CHARACTER changes nose into nose shape

preview works the same, instead of “outfit” you just write one of those.
(If you’re not familiar with previewing outfits/ features parts tell me and I’ll explain it)


@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into eyecolorname

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