How do I change an outfit in the middle of an story?

I need help.


@CHARACTER changes into [outfit name]


You don’t need bracets around the outfit name:
Delete those []

Capture It says this now…

Take that @ off Rose and make sure that the word sound doesn’t have a space before it.

I hate this so much

Delete @ before ROSE on line 48


Now tab over Rose till its blue and the dialogue once

Take the “Sound off” off your script once the sound plays it will automatically stop on it’s own. That’s only for music.


Why does it say that?

Put it as sound, not music. Plus, what does the error say?

UNEXPECTED CHARACTER: ROSE I don’t know why, I DO have a character that I put as rose

try sound alarmclock_beep

Does the same thing as last. Thank you, though.

You need the script name, not her display name.
If the Script name is Rose1 then it needs to be Rose1 not Rose

Are u sure you used the right one because one with - are not working you need _ instead

Already did that. It is the same thing, but I just researched something now it’s working properly. Thanks everyone for helping me.

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