How do I change back to reader's choice of outfit?

I have a scene in which my character goes shopping at a mall and tries on a few outfits.
Before that, I had made my readers choose the outfit the character wears to the mall.
After shopping, how do I get the character to wear the outfit the reader chose in the beginning?

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You’d need to use if/elif/else coding to remember. The choice name and option method is best for this.


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BTW you can read in more detail about remembering choices here:


You could do

@CHARACTER previews outfit outfit name
@CHARACTER unpreviews outfit outfit name


YES omg how did that not cross my mind
:scream: :joy:



I’ve been wondering what was that command was. Thanks!

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Thanks a ton! Will definitely try it out!

Hahaha, thank you x

I just have one question.
Should the unpreview command be included in choice 1/2 itself, or after the reader has chosen which one to buy?

I’d include it at the end of the choice, because if they’re trying on more than one outfit, then the outfit names would be different. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, it worked! x

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I’m glad! Good luck with the rest of the story :heart:

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Thank you so much love! x

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in general you put the unpreview there whereyou want to change back…it is posible alos to use it for half MC goes to the ball so she is wearing fancy dress and changed hairs and then when she comes me you can use unpreview to get back to her original look

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