How do I change hair and makeup?

So, I don’t want it to be optional (I don’t want the reader to pick), I just want to be able to change the characters appearance during the story. How do I do that?

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@YOU changes hair into Hair Style
@YOU changes hairColor into Hair Color
@YOU changes mouthColor into Mouth Color

You’d replace the un-bolded words with actual features that exist. You can see which features exist by going to Characters, and looking at the choices

P.S That’s all u write. That line of code.

Check out: HOW TO: Customize Characters


Omg, you’re a life saver! Thanks sooooo much

No Problem :wink:

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Wow! I didn’t even know it worked like that. I always just made other characters with the same name haha!

Well, it is so much easier this way :wink: :revolving_hearts:

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