How Do I Change Jules Hair Color?


how can you change Jules hair to a different color? When I read some stories some characters have Jules hair in different colors.


You can’t atm. :roll_eyes:



@CHARACTER changes hair Color into Color


I don’t think it works on Jules hair because it says no colors available. :thinking:


Really? Thats strange, I could usually do that…


:hushed: are you saying that we CAN change the colors. (if so then … where have I been all these years.)


Haha yeah I can change colors!:grinning:


btw tysm for the info


Wait what?? You can change the color of your hair?


Of course! :wink::heartpulse:


Of Jules Hair. And many others :grinning:


Are there just some styles you can change? Like not all of them?


I think you can change colors, but for some of them, if you change it, it will still be the same color


oh thats interesting!


For all of them :grinning:


I’m doing that rn


Awesome :heartpulse::heartpulse::heart_eyes:


thank you guys for the info :slight_smile:


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Yes, you can change Jules hair color - or any other hairstyle that doesn’t have more than one color choice in the character setting section - but only through your script.
@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Auburn

And the colors won’t be the ones you’re used to. You can for instance not get Jules Hair blond no matter how much you try.