How do I change the background and have a character already in it?

Hi! I was wondering how I change the scene and have a character already in it? For example my scene is in a classroom and first the main character entered the scene and the background was INT. CLASSROOM DESK - DAY and then the background switched to INT. CLASSROOM BLACKBOARD - DAY and the teacher was talking. She was already in the scene but I could do that because she was talking. Now she finished talking and I want to switch the background back to INT. CLASSROOM DESK - DAY and have the main character still be where she was before without talking. Idk if that makes sense but does anyone know how to do it? Thanks haha

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When you switch the background just add &TEACHER spot x y

Just place your character in the same spot they were before

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Okay thanks!

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Wait I just had my character in screen right. Do you know the spot numbers for screen right? Because when I typed &LYDIA screen right it said not a valid directing command.

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Just put @CHARACTER stands screen right

You can read up on this guide here for more help


&LYDIA stands screen right

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Oh okay thanks.

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np! :heartpulse:

Hi! I know I posted this topic a week ago but I was wondering how to do this and have a character in a specific spot? I tried &LYDIA stands spot 0.722 144 272 but it didn’t work :frowning:

Remove the word “stands”. You don’t need that for the specific spot directing.
&LYDIA spot 0.722 144 272 in zone #

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Ohh got it thanks.

Hi again!
I’m now doing a scene where someone is laying down but she needs to be in a specific spot AND doing the laying down animation.
This is my script right now:


@cut to zone 4
&MOM spot 0.579 102 275 in zone 4
@MOM faces right
@MOM is sleep_sit_neutral_loop

It’s not working though. What should I change?
Thanks for all of your help!

@cut to zone 3 (there are only 3 zones in a background. There cannot be more than 3)
@/MOM spot 0.579 102 275 in zone 3 AND MOM faces right AND MOM is sleep_sit_neutral_loop

Ignore the “/” in MOM as I did that to avoid tagging anyone.

Okay thank you!

Alright, I just tested that and when I did it with zone 3 it was not the right area so I tried again with zone 4 and it was where I wanted it to be.

With both zone 3 and 4 the mom still wasn’t in the frame, though :frowning:

Because the x-coordinate will be different once you change the zone. You need to re-position the character by re-spotting. I just re-spot it for you but you can change the coordinates if that’s not the placement you want her to be.

@cut to zone 3
@MOM spot 0.579 210 275 in zone 3

Can I have a look at your background?

It’s still not working, even with that code :frowning: