How do I change the look of a character temporarily help

Hello everyone!! I have a question as I said in the title I need to know how to change the appearance of my character TEMPORARILY I know that I can do it with commands like :

@CHARACTER changes hair into Straight Medium

but my doubt is when at the beginning of the story the reader modifies the appearance of the main character to her and after I change certain things of the main character (for the story) and my question is how can I make the main character return to the modification that was given before bc the story continues with the modification I gave her

I’m sorry if I didn’t make myself clear. what happens is that in a chapter I give the option to modify it and then I change certain things but when I continue writing the MAIN CHARACTER acquires what I change definitively and I need to return to the personalization that gave him the reader

Use the previews/unpreviews code

@CHARACTER previews hair Hairstyle Name

Then to change back to the original hairstyle:

@CHARACTER unpreviews hair Hairstyle Name

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But if I don’t know which hair the reader choose?

You use the “previews” code when you change the character’s appearance. Then to go back to the original hair the reader’s chose, use the “unpreviews” code

I understood the part about the commands … for example I want the character to change : @CHARACTER previews Straight Medium
but I mean idk which hair the reader chose
the reader had many options how can I write the unpreviews if I don’t know exactly what he chose. sorry for my bad english :v and thanks for u help.

You mean you’re using a hair/lip template?


You should have said that then lol

Then you need to use a duplicate character. Create a new character and in your script use this command:


Add that command after the customization template. This command makes the duplicate look exactly like the original character.

Then after the hair/lip template when you’re ready to make the character go back to the original look the reader’s chose, make the main character “become” the duplicate.


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Sorry lol is difficult when you try to explain something in another language to someone else but thanks for u help , have a good day :slight_smile: <3

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