How do I change the look of a character temporarily

This may be a stupid question, but how do I change the look of a character like if I want to change their hair or something about them in the middle of the story? I know how to do this with outfits but don’t know how to with the actual character like the face or hair or anything like that.
And to change it temporarily and not to effect them all the way throughout the story.

Can check out: HOW TO: Customize Characters

How to:

@YOU changes bodyColor into Body Color
@YOU changes eyebrows into Eyebrow Shape
@YOU changes eyebrowsColor into Eyebrow Color
@YOU changes hair into Hair Style
@YOU changes hairColor into Hair Color
@YOU changes eyes into Eye Shape
@YOU changes eyesColor into Eyes Color
@YOU changes face into Face Shape
@YOU changes nose into Nose Shape
@YOU changes mouth into Mouth Shape
@YOU changes mouthColor into Mouth Color

Choose one of them or a few of them or all of them to change in your script.

Bonus: Hack for Creating Duplicate Characters!

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You would use the code:

@CHARACTER changes hair into hair_name

@CHARACTER changes face into face_name

Just Like the clothes, but you would specify the hair or face after “changes” then instead of the clothes name it would be what the hair or face is called.

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