How do I change the type of talk bubble design?


I have seen episodes where the creator changed the original look to another look. How do I change the look of the bubble?


As in colour or the different transparency/shape? Because I believe some certain styles are only available to chosen authors.


Before publishing your story, call it Demi Lovato Path to Fame or Mean Girls. Then after publishing, change your name again.


Both I guess, since I played some that are not featured and they have them in color and I have them in blue.


For a purple bubble

  1. create a new story
  2. title it Demi Lovato , then change it later.

For a pink bubble

  1. create a new story
  2. and title it Mean Girls , then change it later.




Ok, thanks!


I don’t think those hacks work anymore because they’re making a huge update to speechbubbles , but idk. you can try it :slight_smile:


Ok, if it doesn’t work, then how can I change it?


If it doesn’t work, then you can’t yet. They’re still working on making it an option.


Ok, thanks guys😁


They still do!

I use the Mean Girls one, But If I preview it on my laptop the new speechbubble update doesn’t show up but on my phone it does

I find it weird because I did the Mean Girls thing to my other story and it has been giving me no problem at all


I think once it’s officially released, not sure if those will work, but hopefully they will !


They do work! I’ve been using it on a new story I’m making.


oh I know… lol


It’ll work most likely, considering they have a design on the new speech bubbles for the pink & purple ones.


That actually helped me too, thx! :smile:


Your Welcome! :kissing_heart: