How do I change this?

I have recently started to write here on episode however I have a problem. When I am writing my story all my characters are on the one side, how do I get some to move to the other side.

And you can also add a Direction (the way they are facing, which can either be left or right)


@CHARACTER stands screen left AND CHARACTER faces right

@CHARACTER stands screen right AND CHARACTER faces left

You can also make them stand at spots using spot directing. Check out this for more info on that: Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)

To make them walk using spot directing, check out: Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)

Also, I would encourage you to check out Joseph Evans’ tutorials on YouTube-they’re great way to begin directing on Episode! And the Episode guides are also very helpful ^^

Here’s how to make someone enter and exit a scene:

Good luck and if you need any more tips & help, let me know! :wink:

If you’re talking about your characters being on one side in Spotlight format, then check out:

So, remember that =

In spotlight you can change the position of a character. Here’s an example of how to do so: