How do i change to a vampire

i want to make a vampire story but i dont get how they have normal teeth one second then vampire teeth the next… can someone help pls


I am not a fantasy writer so I’m sure there are better ticks out there that I dont know about
but how i would do it is using the “changes into command”
lets says the characters lips are Full Round Pouty so when you want to change it you do…
@FEMALEAVATAR changes mouth into Full Round Pouty Vampire Fangs before the animation and when you want to switch you do @FEMALEAVATAR changes mouth into Full Round Pouty

but this probably needs some trail and errors on certain animations but this is how I would approach it


I would recommend using ‘previews’ instead of ‘changes’. This is especially better when the character is customized by readers. It wokrs like this

@CHARACTER previews mouth vampire_mouth_name
@CHARACTER unpreviews mouth vampire_mouth_name

The ‘changes’ commands, as the names says - changes the feature but doesn’t let you change it back without knowing the original feature’s name.


Hey! I actually made a script template for this for epi.rebellion on Instagram if you want it. It remembers a readers choice in customization so it flips back and forth between fangs and no fangs without the mouth shape changing due to a customization thing.


I just messaged you the script! :slight_smile:

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