How do I check how many people read my new episode story A Hope For Affection?

1 person sent me proof of them reading my new episode story but I can’t see that they read my story on my dashboard but they did send me proof that they read it. How can I see how many people read my new episode story? Can somebody help please?

did they only read ur 1st episode?

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They read all 3 episodes twice.

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Maybe they had already started your story before the R4R so their read might have showed up before and when they read it again, it didn’t count? I’m not exactly sure but if they showed proof then they definitely read it. :woman_shrugging: Or if you have doubts, you can ask them to send a screenshot or describe a specific scene or something.

They sent me screenshots and they showed me like the replay story area section and it showed they read the story twice.

Well, they definitely read it then. Might be a glitch.