How do I code a consistent point system?

Hey! I’m starting my first serious story. What I’m trying to do is create a point system for relationships with different characters, which that part I understand. But, I’m unsure how to make the points translate throughout the entire story. Does it do it automatically? I’ve tried to read others’ advice on the forums, but I think I really just need someone to help dumb it down for me even more. Please help! Thank you! <3

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This may help:

So, you can create for example, a character called ROMANCE and assign points to it, like +1, -1, +3, etc. (So add or subtract points or make it equal to a specific amount of points) then if you want to show different outcomes you can use the if/elif/else method to show different scenes depending on the amount of, for example, ROMANCE points the reader has. There is an example of this in the guide I linked above : D


And yes, points carry over throughout the episodes in a story unless you set the points to a specific number using the = sign, for example, if you write @ROMANCE =0 you reset all the points that were gained and/or lost to 0. So just be weary of using the = sign. Good for certain coded scenes, though ^^

Test on the app as opposed to the web previewer and always keep track of your points.

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Thank you so so much! This was super helpful! <3 :grin:

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