How do I code for limited customization

I want only eye color,Hair color,Lips/lip color, and Eyebrows for customization. if anyone has the INK code for that, please send it, or help me.

@Dara.Amarie should have some on her website, but if not, you can request them here:

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Thank You so much!!

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Hi, Can I request you to create one with full CC, except this a INK Female CC with hair color fawn and eye color green? And INK male CC with Hair color Black and eye color blue? I need this for discription purposes, please and thank you. let me know!

Julie was saying that Dara has Ltd CC templates available on her website, but if you click on that thread she shared, you can post there and request for Dara to make you a CC template specific to what you want. :see_no_evil:

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