How do i code this choice


so i have this story not published yet but i have 2 names i’ve been debating between forever and i want to give the reader the choice to choose between 2 different names for the love interest

if someone can help me i’ll give you a shoutout on my ig and my story


“Name1” {
gain Name1
} “Name2” {
gain Name2

If(Name1) {
Hey Name1
} else {
Hey Name2
For every dialogue you say his name🙃


idk i know crap about gains at all
oof i was thinking i would do a typed in choice but if the reader chooses anything other than the two names i just say choose either name ya know


What’s his name?

choice (BOYNAME)
“Name” continue
“Name” continue

And when you want your characters to say the name just take the bolded part and wrap straight brackets around it

Hey what’s up [BOYNAME]!

If you want that name to show up on top of the guys speechbubble, take the bolded part and make that the character’s display name.


soo how exactly shoud the choise look like idk like the one u just showed me


should i make 2 different characters


The choice should look exactly how I wrote it above. Just change the names to whatever you want the names to be and you can change “BOYNAME” to whatever you want the answer to be referred to as in your script. And no you don’t need to make 2 different characters.


ok tysmm


wait oof i know i’m a pain but what should the character name be when i make the character


Ok so I’m having some trouble with allowing the readers to choose their last and first name. So I was kinda just wondering how to put that code in.


i think dara has a topic on that
it’s something about typed in choices


K thx.


Check out:

What’s your first name?

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)

What’s your last name?

input What is your last name? | What is your last name? | Done (LASTNAME)

Nice to meet you [NAME] [LASTNAME]!

This is how it is done ^^

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