How do I contact episode?


How do I contact episode? Aka. The creators :grin:


You could try DMing episodecreators on Instagram. Besides that, I’m not really sure if it’s possible. You can also submit a support ticket.


Thank you


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Hi, you can use this form here:

You can try asking them to pass on a message.


Thank you so much


it depends on why you want to contact them. do you have an issue with the app? or is it something else?


Something else :blush:


then I don’t know. would you mind sharing what you want to discuss? you don’t have to, of course.


I think a support ticket is the best way. I’ve had issues escalated to Liz before so if you submit a ticket, I’m sure they can make sure it gets to the correct person :slight_smile:


Sure, it sounds stupid so don’t judge :weary: I want to work for episode



It doesn’t sound stupid. @EliseC 's link is probably the best way to go. there’s also a way to submit an application on the website.


Thank you :grin:


Thank you​:grin::grin::gift_heart: