How do I create overlays?


Hey there!:kissing_heart:

I started writing my first story a while ago and now I wanted to create a new overlay.

I know how to upload new overlays and backgrounds, but how do I make them myself? I already tried but I always messed up :disappointed_relieved:


I have an overlay shop open. It’s got lots of overlays on there already and I also customize and add on request. Feel free to check it out:

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But if you want to try it yourself, I use the app Procreate and a Adonis Pixel Pen.

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Thank you!!!:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


I use ibis paint x




Thanks* :sweat_smile:


Whats the lenght and width you use to create background overlays in ibis paint? i tried 1920 and 1136 but it doesent work beacuse episode has this 1mb thing and its like annoying lol


Are you creating overlay from scratch or from the internet. Also, you could use an png compressor to shrink it


I use gimp its super easy. All you have to do is download it for free and you can start making overlays.