How Do I Credit People Who Let Me Use Their Backgrounds And Overlays In My Story?



Anyone know the answer to this?

For example, how would I credit this?


just edit the persons name somewwhere on it


When you use the background, at the beginning of the scene use a reader message to credit the owner.


readerMessage Background/Overlay Credit: @----

Using a reader message is better than a narrator message at the end of the chapter as people are more likely to read it and they can see the background that’s being credited.


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no problem! :wink:heres and example!
the cover by cindy


Crediting the original creator of the backgrounds you use is absolutely required.

The editors have chosen to share their work on EpisodeLife. That’s no excuse to not credit anyone. I’m sure the website also tells you to give credit.


No, it wasn’t rude at all.

Each editor may have their own specific way of receiving credit. Generally, it’s
widely acceptable to write “background credits to ___” at the end of each chapter or by using the reader message feature whenever their background is used in a scene.


This background is mine and before you can have access to my drive, there’s a whole document explaining how to credit me. It also says you CAN’T repost my work…


@pamelac.stories was referring the post made by the thread creator. The clothing shop she posted is one of Pamela’s backgrounds. It was not directed at you.