How do I cut out my overlays for props?

Hi all. I have a question about prop making. I was on here last week wanting a knife prop for a character to hold, and someone told me that I would need to make an overlay for and resize it and what not. I did that and it worked but the thing is the white background in the picture is still showing. I thought that when episode wanted you to get a picture with a clear background they would cut the pic out for you or something. If I use it as it it’d look like the character holding a white box with a knife in it. How do I fix it? :persevere:

Remove the background using background eraser

It’s an app

is it in the app store or a tool in episode? i tried a few online and they didn’t work before

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It’s in the App Store

is there a particular creator I should get it by ? also, that means I’d have to re upload it for approval right?: no_mouth:

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Nope no specific creator and yes you need to reuplaod it want me to make the overlay

ok. thanks. I think I’ll try to make it myself since I want to learn. But thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ofc np