How do i cut to a scene with my characters?

Hi everyone. I have a question about scene cutting and such. It’s kind of hard for me to explain it in words but i’ll try my best. I have story where where there was kind of a cliff hanger in one of the scenes with two characters. And I want to start another scene picking back up where it left off so another character can enter it. My question is, how do I recreate it properly so that this can happen? Do I have to copy and past everything from before to another area? Or is there like a command for characters to stand at exact locations so the the other one can enter? I just want the scene to open up with the first two characters standing in their positions and the new one to walk into the scene. I’ve played with some scenarios but they all involve the first two m.c.'s moving and I don’t want that.What do you guys usually do for such?

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Typically in order for the characters to appear already on screen you need to use the code

&CHARACTER1 stands spot # x y z AND CHARCATER1 is animation_animation
(OR &CHARACTER1 stands screen x and CHARACTER1 is animation_animation)
(Same code as above but for another character if you have them)
@zoom x y z to # % in 0 if you wish
@transition fade in black #
@CHARACTER2 walks from spot # x y z to spot # x y z
(OR @CHARACTER2 enters from screen x to screen y )

So usually for this you would have to copy and paste the spots of the characters where the cliffhanger left them at and the animations they were in prior to that.

Hope this helps!


Hi. I used @CHARACTER1 stands spot 1.280 59 -0 AND CHARACTER1 is idle_terrified_loop_rear but it says it is not a valid command. I also tried using @ in the command and added words like “stands at” and “stands in” for the spot but I still keep getting invalid command messages. I still don’t want them to move at all in the opening scene. Any ideas?

For it to pick up where it left off, you would need to just copy the original placement in the previous scene.

You don’t need to include “stands” if you want them to already be in place when the scene starts.
try @CHARACTER1 spot 1.280 59 -0 AND CHARACTER1 is idle_terrified_loop_rear .

Then if you wanted another character to enter into that scene, you would have to spot them offscreen first and then use walks to spot command
@CHARACTER2 walks to spot % X Y in S
Otherwise they tend enter from strange angles.


Oh yeah damn I forgot about that part :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

It should be as they said without the stands spot!
Sorry i just wrote that code up on the fly and didnt really check it over :sweat_smile:

I’m not 100% sure if this would work but something like this code may also save line space
@CHARACTER2 spot # x y z THEN CHARACTER2 walks to spot # x y z in #


If you would like a fade/transition in between scenes or to transition to for example black and then cut off to the next chapter, Joseph Evans has a tutorial on his YouTube channel that I found quite helpful!

It definitely works to a a degree but the first two characters appear at different times. Like CHARACTER1 appears in the scene perfectly but then CHARACTER2 just pops up out of nowhere like magic. Is there another command I can use so the scene opens with them at the same time in their idle loop positions? Using a transition of any kind was not a first choice lol

Instead of an @ sign to have them both appear at the same time, use an & sign


Thank you! It works perfectly! :smile:


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