How do I delete a chapter?


I accidently added an extra chapter to my story. How do I delete it? :thinking:


As long as the character is not in your script, you can go to your character list and under that character will be a delete button.


Thank you for the reply :grin: Where is the button I can’t find it? :thinking:


Yeah, if you haven’t published the episode yet and there’s no characters in your script, then you can delete the chapter. I think there’s a red button on the same line as the ‘save’ button that says delete. If not then I don’t know, hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


There isn’t but thank you for the reply :grin:


Sorry. I read chapters as characters. Unfortunately there is no way to delete a chapter once it has been created. I would suggest just adding a note at the end of the previous chapter, not to read the last chapter.


Ok thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks to those who answered! Closing thread :v:t2: