How do I delete a story I've never published?

I have a story in INK form that I never published. I have deleted everything including character and script and delete story button still won’t pop up.

Also, can you delete an INK story once it’s been published? I have ANOTHER story that was published but I decided to change story lines and use limelight, so I started over.

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What about one that hasn’t been published?


Once u didnt save anything in your script, go back to where your story info is, meaning story title, etc. The delete button is there.

If the delete button isnt there but only “Save Changes” then that means that something was maybe saved. hm

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I saved things but never published them :confused:

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Yeah if u saved something, the delete button will not show. So best leave that alone or rename it to something else so u wont have to work on it :wink:

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