How do I delete a story?

I know that others have asked this and I read the answers to that, but I’m still confused because people were mentioning different ways.
Here’s my story info:
It’s unpublished
It’s only got one episode that has only been accessed once, but I have written on it.
It has no cover uploaded.
It’s Episode Classic style.

I saw some people say that you can’t delete a story after you add an episode, but then in my gallery of stories, I have a story that I am able to delete even though it has one episode, unpublished. Also, some were saying that you have to delete each episode separately by clicking the delete button above the script, but there isn’t a button like that on my screen. I really need to delete this story because I don’t want it anymore. Please help!


Unless you see this delete button, you can not delete the story.

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If your story is not published than you can delete it, but if it is published you can’t delete it.

How sad. :neutral_face:

@Purple_Ghost Well, that kind of sucks. You used to be able to delete any story. Now, I’ll just have a story that I don’t want forever.


@LI05 My story isn’t published, so that’s not it.


I think I do remember at one point there being a delete button for more than when you first created the story, but I think too many people were deleting accidentally. But, as soon as you save in a chapter you can no longer delete the story.

@Purple_Ghost ok, well, thank you for the help. Hopefully, Episode will bring the delete button back because I really need it right now.

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Feel free to add your support to this feature request asking for a delete button to be implemented! :v:t2:


I did a story on my laptop(on Episode Interactive site), but I wanna delete it. I can’t cuz there’s no “delete”. Can you please tell me what to do?

There currently is no way to delete it. If you want, you can support the adding of a delete button by liking APES suggestion (the link Ryan posted).

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heyy girl so add a completely different story then it should say delete with the read button under the pencil icon if you have any question just contact

Label Delete_story
This story is deleted.
goto Delete_stort
Just do that.

oes it delete only one episode or the whole story

Well I’m screwed cuz I think I published two of my story but when I checked my profiles it said no publish so why can’t I delete my story I’m using my mobile phone.

well that sucks… i have 3 “chapters” or whatever that i need deleted. also, i’ve written 4 chapters of a new story on the app, but i don’t see it on my portal?


Has this been adjusted or figured out at all? Over a year later and I’m trying to do the same thing…


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:rofl: Fair enough! Thank you :blush: