How do I direct a shooting star? (Found answer)


Hey guys. So I’m trying to get a shooting star to shoot across the sky. I know the star should be an overlay, but how do I make it shoot across the scene quickly?


I have an example, I’ll give it to you now. :heart:


That would be great :smile:


INT. STARS UNDER with STAR to 0.400 321 517 in zone 2 at layer 1
@pause for 1
@overlay STAR shifts to -104 411 in zone 1 in 1.5
@transition fade out white 1.2

This was the star overlay:



This is just an example, at first I placed it off screen and then when I wanted it to come in I shifted it. :heart:


Thank you! This was very helpful :slight_smile:


Thank you if you ever need any help, feel free to PM me or @ me. :heart:


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