How do i direct this scene?

i need help with directing a scene let me know if you can help.

what do you need help with?

i wanted my character to slap the phone out of another characters hand. i tried directing it but nothing seems to work.

can i see your script?

&zoom reset
&ADRIAN spot 2.250 186 -458 AND ADRIAN faces right AND ADRIAN is text_phone_neutral_loop
@SAGE spot 2.080 408 -321 AND SAGE faces left
After school we need to set some ground rules.
Like maybe if you woke up early we could talk in the morning.
Ya know?
@pause for 3
Are you even listening?
@pause for 2
@SAGE moves to layer 2
@SAGE is slap_face
@overlay MY PHONE OVERLAY create
@overlay MY PHONE OVERLAY opacity 1
&overlay 5473899824545792_MY PHONE OVERLAY shifts to 226 278
&overlay 5473899824545792_MY PHONE OVERLAY scales to 0.208 0.208
@overlay MY PHONE OVERLAY moves to layer 1
&overlay 5473899824545792_MY PHONE OVERLAY shifts to 220 -92 in 1
&ADRIAN is shocked

If i’m not mistaken, you don’t put OVERLAY after every overlay you put. I put this script into portal and it wouldn’t let me save until i removed the OVERLAY part. Try that:)

What do you mean? Can you send me the updated version that you put into your script?

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