How do I do a camera flash? Is it a certain code?

I need a template for like camera flashes. I’ll credit if needed


You would need a overlay of a camera flash.
I don’t have a template but
You’d just need a white or yellow overlay
And you would need to lower the opacity at a certain time.

A really quick flash
And play the paparazzi sound in the background if you want the sound of a clicking camera.

If it’s just one camera just add a overlay, lower the opacity in a amount of time you feel is good
Then repeat

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You can simply use this code too-

@transition fade in white 0.3

In order to repeat the flash, use the “transition” code again. But make sure you add a “pause” code in between if you wanna have a pause between two flashes.

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use the transitions fades…it will help

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All three of you thank you so much!

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